When I’m working on one ‘the other’ is being delayed.

I say delayed because ‘the other’ is still part of my destination. It’s still a target, a mark, a point of arrival, the business side of success. It’s still me. So while I’m working on one ‘the other’ is being delayed. I have to be good with that if I’m going to be true to respecting the process. The process. Yes, everything has a process, a flow even. There are layers. Disregarding one or coupling them may cause the soup of life to become salty.

Respect the process. Learn. Practice. Execute. Grow. Learn. Repeat. Even things that appear to be chaotic have a process that begins with learning – figuring it out is learning beloved.

Today we move forward with working through the process. Stepping back and meditating when it appears muddled and the translation lost. Today we accept we are in fact a priceless work in process. Kinetic positive energy released over time – #vibratehigher

And in all things I Leave You Love.

All I Know

Often times I write allowing the reader to see images of themselves. Allowing their faces and places to connect them to the words. I promise you THIS will not be THAT.

I'm sun-kissed with hues of red and brown.
I have a Jersey accent.
I walk as if I'm floating (so I've been told).
I speak as if challenges are momentary commentary on how to overcome.
I'm an encourager on purpose.
I'm honest to a fault.
I share what I want and feel deeply because I exist.
I don't have traditional beliefs of faith.
I know the fact I'm alive speaks volumes to a higher power at work.
I know there are things physics are not able to explain.
I believe in the acceptance of facts.
I'm more aware of what 'I won't' then what 'I will'.
I'm talented.
I'm skillful.
I'm learning.
I'm engaged in living.
I've experienced life.
I've not allowed much opportunity to pass me, so I know alot about a lot.
I annoy people with that fact.
I laugh at those people and invite them out to eat and drink.
I know that’s where my petty-cake ways are rooted.
My eyes are brownish.
I blink dramatically.
I'm an only sister.
I'm athletic and prissy.
I like wine.
I prefer my libations straight with a lime or with tonic and a lime.
I like my daily gallon of water room temperature.
I prefer the difficult truth.
I respect keeping some experiences personal.
I write.
I live.
I capture moments.
I contribute.
I breath.
I curse (randomly and comedically).
I love.
Pizza is a singular greatness.
I accept the black girl magic in my hourglass will one day empty leaving you with all the colors of me.

And it's my hope within those eclectic granules you find your most beautiful reflections of #blackgirlmagic

K. LaMour Alexander

Just Live Already!

That’s kind of it. I wanted to send a simple and plain reminder to live.

I mean the facts are what they are – you are born into a world you didn’t send a request for, you exist in a life you weren’t able to design, and you’re connected to people you wonder how & why (which is probably more comedic than anything) then you die. Frankly, purely, holistically, and with the utmost of finality – YOU too will cease to exist. I say this not with meanness, but with fact.

Life as you know it will one day press forward minus your existence. So whatever you’re doing, whatever you’re stressing over, whatever you’re rolling your eyes about (I know LOADS of eye-rollers 🙂 ), whatever caused that long string of unintelligible sentences filled with profanities… And more deeply – what made you cry, what broke your heart, what caused you physical and emotional pain, what didn’t happen, what had to be discarded, what worked out for the best, what grew, what prospered – whatever YOUR whatever is, my beloved, will no longer matter as the hourglass signifying your life’s contributions begins to fade. It won’t. When its YOUR time, it will fade to the final sprinkles of life leaving those final moments as the last experiences of life. So…

So why not LIVE right NOW?

However that resonates with you – take action. Just take action. Small progress is yet PROGRESS. Don’t allow anyone to tell you different. Stay the course! Focus on the destination! Be the solution! Walk away! Take the lessons! BE YOU! STAY COURAGEOUS! Know if you need confirmation someone is rooting for YOUR success – KNOW I’m right there, by your side, in your corner, digging the anchor deeper!

And in All Things I Leave You Love


I’m a creative. I’m at my best when I’m building things that weren’t visible, that no one saw as viable and ‘flipping’ it to greatness.

I’m the encourager – tell me your story and I’ll help you see how to keep that passion ignited. Most times, all we really need is to be encouraged by someone that’s not vested in the outcome. Someone that wants it for you because you believe it’s yours. And because of that I’m not able to focus on those that fail to ‘see’ due to lack of ‘vision’.

I experience, I learn, I teach, I grow, I share, I inform, I forgive, I learn, I teach, I learn while teaching while learning… I grow – we grow.

Show me how to do and if it piques my interest I’ll show you how it’s done.

We grow.FE42F7FA-F9CD-435F-8357-56BF26CD3D94

And In All Things I Leave You Love



Just like you shake loose unproductive emotional weight… like you release those you allow to lean when they get heavy… like you greet sobriety with the excitement of the setting sun – I need you to repurpose your funds so you build wealth that's not easily undone!

And In All Things I Leave You Love


Are you getting it done or are you doing it?

Everyday ask yourself – Am I in the think tank process of my being, of my projects, of my contributions, of my efforts…? Am I nurturing the ‘seeds’ I’ve planted?

Or am I in the executing phase where I’m actively making those thoughts and plans come to fruition? Am I ‘harvesting’?

Simple and plain today babe – either you’re working on how to make it happen or you’re making it happen? Either way you putting in work. You’re in the mix, you’re focused on the results, you’re channeling what’s within create a solid foundation by which to erect your empire. After all buying back the ‘block’ is but only the first step – you’re the ‘block’ babe. Take it back & then let’s go get the town!

So again I ask you – Are you getting it done or are you doing it?

And in all things I Leave You Love

Accept It

Change is one of those unexpected expectations of living. You don’t always feel good about its approach, but don’t always want to retreat in its wake. You move forward because that’s all you know. It’s all you’ve gathered as a reaction to altering realities. And still, knowing and accepting this, there lies this unwillingness to adapt.

Let me tell ya something – it’s not as hard as it’s going to get if you don’t alter your thought process, if you don’t adjust your priorities, if you don’t take another route, if you don’t see further, if you don’t take action. It becomes grand spectacle when you delay the necessary nurturing to focus on the temporary fruits.

Don’t get caught slipping!

And in all things I Leave You Love

Life Changes

Budding Weed

The next time you’re hanging with the homies, chilling with the crew, or politic’n with your people consider what everyone does that’s unseen. All the behind closed doors conversations and all the ‘let me holla at’cha’ moments – consider what their efforts are being devoted to. What’s really good?

Once you accept the realities of those connections, you have to come clean. You have to take those reflections and deflect them. If they are not on the righteous side of right, you’re already left behind. You’re not a rose springing up from the cracks in the concrete. No you’re really not. Not if you’re privileged, not if your people provide opportunity, not if you have an army of kindreds on the right side of right, not if your education is free, not if your parents hold you up, not if you. have. other. choices… You running with the wrong set just because you can. You running game. Making excuses. Looking the other way but with a front row seat. Those roses represent the ones without guidance, without people constantly pulling for them. Those roses are for those caught up in a system designed for their disappearance. Their limited choices forced them in and they spend every breath fighting to get out. Those are the beautiful crimson flowers struglling to bloom in the midst of hopelessness.

YOU are NOT that person. YOU were seeded in well-tended soil and nurtured. YOU need to get on the righteous side of right expeditiously before you become another hashtag, another stain seeping into the cracks of the black top.

And in all things I leave you love.


Often when we think of vision we blink with our eyes and not with our soul. We whip out the eye drops, clean our corrective lenses, or schedule an eye exam. Some of us still allow others to blow in our eyes. Let me just say that’s not what’s blocking your vision.

There are folks that see from within. They see it in their sleep or when they are awake sleeping. They see things otherwise unseen, so when it presents itself they know there is action to take. They see further. They tend to have more clarity and are more intuitive. I’m one of those people. I dream in realtime, so upon waking with that wink and smile, I know there is action to take. Historically my internal visions show me a path, a happening… It ain’t always easy because not everyone is present on the other side. And it’s not just growing apart, it’s been eternal rest. And despite that fact, I trust the destination is where I should be. As a creative I trust the process despite the outcome. As a compassionate being I don’t always share the outcome. Great things are built of those outcomes. Just a broken pieces are left at the threshold of those outcomes. And renewal is born of those outcomes. As a creative I recognize and appreciate then prepare to action.

In the beginning I saw two paths ahead of me. Neither spoke to my creative initiatives. I went to sleep focused on how to make each more fruitful, but was awakened with the reminder – I am a creative. And ‘saw‘ another path before me. It’s not one I have to blaze, but one I’ll have to apply my creative touch. It was already paved. As if I’d been here before. It felt familiar yet new…

In the days to come my countdown to 50 will have a few changes. Nothing to drastic. Just more centered on being the creator of means.

After all I am a creative.

And in all things I leave you love.