See Far

Take a moment to look ahead with me but for a few moments. It’ll require but a handful of those 18,400 seconds afforded to us everyday.

So we’re walking down a path right. On our way. We get real good at navigating the road, the weather, the instances of happenstance and such. We get so well at doing what we’ve been doing we reside this is what’s meant for us. We settle into such a grove we believe this is how we flow.

Allow me to assure you every course you embark on is not part of your destination. It’s the method you’ve become accustom to using, but no longer feels natural. There are still moments of discontent. Free yourself. Allow yourself. Bet on you.

There’s nothing more powering then being uncomfortable with your true self as you elevate to the next level – vibrate higher. Look at it differently. Change your view. Adjust your position. Own your truth. Don’t keep looking back.

And in all things I Leave You Love