White Chalk


Some people like what pain feels like.
They’re enticed by the darkness.
They yearn for the numbing feeling of distress.
And thrive on the struggle to emerge from the black hole.
They’re the type searching for mishaps and tribulations.
With the knowledge of working it out but holding back so they can reach deep into the abyss.
Engulfing themselves.
Waddling in it …
Taking ownership of the spaces they will soon overcome,
So they can profess how they overcame…
So they can give testimony…
Time and again of their victory.
How they took the road less traveled and succumbed to weary and wayward ways
Because the path was met with hardships.
Never mentioning they created the hardships.
How they created the sinkhole by not fortifying the foundation.
How they created the calamity by grasping tight pain.
Held on long after they should have let go, just speak of overcoming tragedy.
They insist on resisting not because they are unable but because they don’t want to.
Their intention is not to feel better, not holistically, but momentarily.
They never want to feel better.
To feel whole.
To feel alive.
To live.
To feel.


And in all things I Leave You Love


the truth is NEVER easy

You know I tend to be a creature of habit. So when I noticed my laptop wasn’t connected to the wall that’s a THING. I connect wall first, then device. Always. I mean you can’t always get to the outlet so connect to the wall first. Connect to the source first. The source ain’t always easy to get to. And it’s not always what you think it is. #changelanes

#starthere As with each new day I’m rejuvenated. My soul is refreshed and my mind re-calibrated. I reach. I stretch. I breath. I measure my breathes. And it begins. Here we are. Another opportunity. More chances to get it right… or not. It seems more and more the ‘or not’ reigns supreme. And acting like it didn’t happen – is not where healing happens. This is coming to ‘our house’ in a way much different from the printed rhetoric we find in our driveways in the county. Now you’ll have a better idea of who left it there like they were delivering the newspaper. Soon you’ll be able to ‘see’ what was being held back. Guarded. Shaded. You’ll ‘see’ who you are truly breaking bread with. Who helps with your groceries. Who you really are doing business with. Who your teammates are. Where they stand and have stood while you were over there spreading ‘love’.

It’s always been there. Settled in among the flowers.  Blending. Being ignored while we run through the proverbial golden streets singing of a common love supreme. And just like budding weeds, they flourished.They grew just like the flowers with stalks thick like well nurtured roses and roots that reached deep within centuries of blood soaked soil they grew. There was no need to speak life into their growth, the neglect was appreciated. Not that their growth went unseen, only that naively we thought we could progress without tending to the root of the problem. #startthere #atthesource

And in all things I Leave You Love