Everyone Lies

Even if the intention is to cause no harm.

Even if it was meant to spare feelings.

Even if the message would be misconstrued.

Even if the conversation is uncomfortable.

Even if it’s to avoid confrontation, confusion, or consequences.

Everyone Lies…

Whether the perception is skewed or crystalline.

Whether it causes the ill-tasting dish to get plated over 3 decades.

Whether it prompts good behavior to prevent socks of coal.

Whether the behavior is excused after the salt water has dried.

Everyone Lies…

Everyone has their reasons.

Everyone has their faults.

Everyone has treasured traditions.

Everyone is protecting something, someone…

No reason to allow cynicism to eat at your soul.

It’s all in an effort to keep one whole. 

Another realization to accept.

Another truth to own.

Everyone Lies, even by omission… 


And in all things I Leave You Love

K. LaMoura Alexander


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