Blind NOT Blinded

It often gets confused as to what side of sight folks are on
Those that quote and those that live
Those that know and those that apply
Both have taken steps to be in the know
Both have taken a deeper look into the abyss of intentions
And decided to take action to enhance future outcomes
Yet one is in fact still lost
One is hidden behind the veil
Holding true to recognizing their blessings
Being in receipt of what is theirs and theirs alone
Yet have not applied the learning to any part of their existence
Let me tell ya something – just like you can’t build anything solid on a cracked foundation, baby you can’t stay on the right side of righteousness shunning those not quoting words from a page.
Judge not…
Be Still…
Knowledge of self …
Trust …
Knowing where to expand upon those words and quoting them is not enough to bring enlightenment
Nor does if sanctify your faith
You need to take the next step
Blind faith is not blinded beloveds.
The light from enlightenment doesn’t put you in a trance
Able to only regurgitate what you’ve read
But to apply to life
To put it to work
To believe in the outcome without seeing the way
To wait, to work, to give without the expectation of receipt
To trust in the right thing to do, to trust the right thing won’t do harm, and that the work
Of the righteous remains … after this life passes on.
A much needed bridge no one crosses is but another intricate apparatus.
A needed bridge used to encourage the extending of the olive branch – is faith at work.
We’re better together.
Do the work.
There will be pain.
It will be worth it.

In all things I Leave You Love


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