You know

That’s what everyone wants

 Someone to ride with ‘em

Someone to fight for them

Someone to stand tall beside them

Not just in the heat of battle but

At the victory table

Glasses held high

Speech authentically long winded

We just want someone that will not only judge our failures

But not overstate of triumphs

Because there is deceit on either end

We want to feel the melody of love

We want to experience the exuberance of pain

And come back stronger and more endearing again and again

Just to ride with me

Even when I fall to my knees in momentary defeat

Arms encasing the shards of my agony

If but for a moment

If but for a few moments

Someone can fight for me

Give me a break from holding us up, keeping us together, making us a way

Just to fight for me, to be the glue, to be the protector, to shift the table to nature my wounds

And never let go

And when I emerge renewed

They still riding

That’s all I really want, I mean that’s all anyone could ever ask for

Stand for me when I don’t have the will to stand for myself

Hold on and never let go

Hold on

And never let go



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