Worthy Cause

More than wanting to admit it we find ourselves journeying on the path that best fits where we are. We move forward on what appears to be the natural progression of our steps. More often than not we fight the good fight and struggle through the baby steps in hopes of honoring our Nia so we end up on the other side of success.
And to that end I say, again, to you, to me…. Be whoever it is you need to be to fight the battle of self victoriously.
We are not always courageous.
We are not always forthcoming.
We don’t always move with clarity.
We tend to be hesitant.
We tend to be skeptical.
We find ourselves engaging in petty-cake.
We don’t save some for ourselves.
We give until we’re thin.
We allow folks to become heavy.
We ….
Need to pause and make sure the juice is worth the squeeze.
The signs won’t always be blatant. They will appear subtly at best.
Don’t ignore your intuition to stay in your warm and fuzzy place!
Be bold. Be defiant. Be audacious.
As long as you’re still experiencing those moments of inhale…exhale there’s an opportunity to alter the course.
Allow yourself to BE who you NEED to be to honor your truths as your fight victoriously.

And In All Things I Leave You Love


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