So a few months back I got word of an investment. It’s something on the come up – take a look. I looked I was hesitant. Looking back I could have doubled up by now.

It was a risk. I put in a little something because I trusted the good brother’s word. Took note of the fluctuation’s. Shortly thereafter my business updates spoke to my newly invested interests. Like hey – an instant WOW moment. Who knew? Well, that dude did! And on the strength of his word I took a risk. Not to the magnitude I wanted, but one none the less.

Looking back it had everything to do with funds available and my comfort level with risk. And here’s the thing – I risk everything just by breathing the air. Just by waking up. Just by traveling to work, trusting the person or people traveling along side me are stable… that I’m stable. I had to accept I’m already familiar with that level of risk and hadn’t yet labeled it. I’ve been keeping it in my pocket for so long I likened it to part of my figure. Ya feel me? It’s became such an intricate part in the makings of me I neglected to categorize it. And to think if I had more awareness a few months ago I wouldn’t be charging this to the game of lessons loved.

In growth there is risk. Anything that ever mattered required some level of putting it on the line. It’s not meant to be easy. It’s not outlined within a comfort zone. It’s not meant to be without heartache. There will be pain. Know – on the opposite end there will be triumph. Victory.

In all things I leave You Love



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