Accept who you are – the good, the great, the indifferent and the unrevealed. Accept who you have to become to do what needs to be done.

Apply that fact to everyone you meet. Everyone you engage.

The hardest part will be accepting you can’t treat people how they want to be treated because some battles require pain. Treat people according to their works. Treat people based on how they engage you. Treat them based on the relationship, the connection, the business at hand. Because some people whip that white chalk out like the lies my history book taught … Because they’re looking for pain and you’re looking for triumph you just can’t make that thought work. You’re not coming from where they left for them to treat you that way. You’re not living their struggle, so you’re going to have to pay attention. You’ll have to invest some time. Make some adjustments. It’s not always about you…

Accept it.

In all things I Leave You Love


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