Just Hear Me Out

There’s sure nuff greatness in pulling someone up and putting them on. Helping them step outside of their comfort zone to learn, to experience and to grow. No doubt. Such good juju. On the strength – that’s a good look.                                                                                                  Even if you have to find ways to help them stay in the game because they’re saying ‘they good’. They ‘got it’. – just keep holding me up. And because you’re a stand-up type of person – you do just that – HOLD THEM UP! You damn right. I got you! WE got YOU! Like seriously. Try this and work it like that. For sure – you got this.                                                   Let me tell ya something – some people need to tap out. Cause they heavy. Ya heard me? Some people need to recognize when ‘it’s been real.’                                           Some people are waiting for YOU to tap them out instead of admitting they’ve had enough. Instead of owning up to it not being a right fit. Instead of allowing it to turn into a struggle instead of a journey. I mean sure maybe you should find a way to ‘thank them for playing’, but life isn’t always situated that way. Don’t front you know it’s not. I know it’s not. As long as they say they can take – we let them have at it. THEY have to step up and tap out.                                                                                Because I’m the one that holds people up, gives them good information, knows a lot about a lot, and willing to share – I find myself wondering how long is a person going to struggle before admitting they had enough. I’ve had several conversations along the way reminding people its not impressive to constantly look for me or anyone else to put in as much work as them. While we’re on the same team, pulling 98% of your weight and 100% of mine makes you heavy and less than impressive. What’s impressive is when you come thru on the strength to holla about how you gave it everything, but you’re good. ‘Thanks for everything’. ‘Thanks for being solid, but I’m working on my exit plan’, or ‘this just isn’t for me’. ‘I appreciate the experience’.  ‘Like that right there is everything. Just man or woman up. That’s respect of self, of the opportunity, of the relationship – tap out when you’ve done everything you could and it’s not working. That doesn’t mean when it gets hard and the hours are long and the sleep is short and its coming together steadily not quickly – nah not then. That’s part of the game recognizing the work you putting in.  When you’re not catching on because the excitement has worn off like lost enthusiasm over new shoes and no matter what angle you focus on your soul lacks sustenance although the plate is full – yeah, please tap out here.

And in all things I Leave You Love


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