Just Live Already!

That’s kind of it. I wanted to send a simple and plain reminder to live.

I mean the facts are what they are – you are born into a world you didn’t send a request for, you exist in a life you weren’t able to design, and you’re connected to people you wonder how & why (which is probably more comedic than anything) then you die. Frankly, purely, holistically, and with the utmost of finality – YOU too will cease to exist. I say this not with meanness, but with fact.

Life as you know it will one day press forward minus your existence. So whatever you’re doing, whatever you’re stressing over, whatever you’re rolling your eyes about (I know LOADS of eye-rollers 🙂 ), whatever caused that long string of unintelligible sentences filled with profanities… And more deeply – what made you cry, what broke your heart, what caused you physical and emotional pain, what didn’t happen, what had to be discarded, what worked out for the best, what grew, what prospered – whatever YOUR whatever is, my beloved, will no longer matter as the hourglass signifying your life’s contributions begins to fade. It won’t. When its YOUR time, it will fade to the final sprinkles of life leaving those final moments as the last experiences of life. So…

So why not LIVE right NOW?

However that resonates with you – take action. Just take action. Small progress is yet PROGRESS. Don’t allow anyone to tell you different. Stay the course! Focus on the destination! Be the solution! Walk away! Take the lessons! BE YOU! STAY COURAGEOUS! Know if you need confirmation someone is rooting for YOUR success – KNOW I’m right there, by your side, in your corner, digging the anchor deeper!

And in All Things I Leave You Love


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