All I Know

Often times I write allowing the reader to see images of themselves. Allowing their faces and places to connect them to the words. I promise you THIS will not be THAT.

I'm sun-kissed with hues of red and brown.
I have a Jersey accent.
I walk as if I'm floating (so I've been told).
I speak as if challenges are momentary commentary on how to overcome.
I'm an encourager on purpose.
I'm honest to a fault.
I share what I want and feel deeply because I exist.
I don't have traditional beliefs of faith.
I know the fact I'm alive speaks volumes to a higher power at work.
I know there are things physics are not able to explain.
I believe in the acceptance of facts.
I'm more aware of what 'I won't' then what 'I will'.
I'm talented.
I'm skillful.
I'm learning.
I'm engaged in living.
I've experienced life.
I've not allowed much opportunity to pass me, so I know alot about a lot.
I annoy people with that fact.
I laugh at those people and invite them out to eat and drink.
I know that’s where my petty-cake ways are rooted.
My eyes are brownish.
I blink dramatically.
I'm an only sister.
I'm athletic and prissy.
I like wine.
I prefer my libations straight with a lime or with tonic and a lime.
I like my daily gallon of water room temperature.
I prefer the difficult truth.
I respect keeping some experiences personal.
I write.
I live.
I capture moments.
I contribute.
I breath.
I curse (randomly and comedically).
I love.
Pizza is a singular greatness.
I accept the black girl magic in my hourglass will one day empty leaving you with all the colors of me.

And it's my hope within those eclectic granules you find your most beautiful reflections of #blackgirlmagic

K. LaMour Alexander


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