I’m a creative. I’m at my best when I’m building things that weren’t visible, that no one saw as viable and ‘flipping’ it to greatness.

I’m the encourager – tell me your story and I’ll help you see how to keep that passion ignited. Most times, all we really need is to be encouraged by someone that’s not vested in the outcome. Someone that wants it for you because you believe it’s yours. And because of that I’m not able to focus on those that fail to ‘see’ due to lack of ‘vision’.

I experience, I learn, I teach, I grow, I share, I inform, I forgive, I learn, I teach, I learn while teaching while learning… I grow – we grow.

Show me how to do and if it piques my interest I’ll show you how it’s done.

We grow.FE42F7FA-F9CD-435F-8357-56BF26CD3D94

And In All Things I Leave You Love



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