Budding Weed

The next time you’re hanging with the homies, chilling with the crew, or politic’n with your people consider what everyone does that’s unseen. All the behind closed doors conversations and all the ‘let me holla at’cha’ moments – consider what their efforts are being devoted to. What’s really good?

Once you accept the realities of those connections, you have to come clean. You have to take those reflections and deflect them. If they are not on the righteous side of right, you’re already left behind. You’re not a rose springing up from the cracks in the concrete. No you’re really not. Not if you’re privileged, not if your people provide opportunity, not if you have an army of kindreds on the right side of right, not if your education is free, not if your parents hold you up, not if you. have. other. choices… You running with the wrong set just because you can. You running game. Making excuses. Looking the other way but with a front row seat. Those roses represent the ones without guidance, without people constantly pulling for them. Those roses are for those caught up in a system designed for their disappearance. Their limited choices forced them in and they spend every breath fighting to get out. Those are the beautiful crimson flowers struglling to bloom in the midst of hopelessness.

YOU are NOT that person. YOU were seeded in well-tended soil and nurtured. YOU need to get on the righteous side of right expeditiously before you become another hashtag, another stain seeping into the cracks of the black top.

And in all things I leave you love.


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