Often when we think of vision we blink with our eyes and not with our soul. We whip out the eye drops, clean our corrective lenses, or schedule an eye exam. Some of us still allow others to blow in our eyes. Let me just say that’s not what’s blocking your vision.

There are folks that see from within. They see it in their sleep or when they are awake sleeping. They see things otherwise unseen, so when it presents itself they know there is action to take. They see further. They tend to have more clarity and are more intuitive. I’m one of those people. I dream in realtime, so upon waking with that wink and smile, I know there is action to take. Historically my internal visions show me a path, a happening… It ain’t always easy because not everyone is present on the other side. And it’s not just growing apart, it’s been eternal rest. And despite that fact, I trust the destination is where I should be. As a creative I trust the process despite the outcome. As a compassionate being I don’t always share the outcome. Great things are built of those outcomes. Just a broken pieces are left at the threshold of those outcomes. And renewal is born of those outcomes. As a creative I recognize and appreciate then prepare to action.

In the beginning I saw two paths ahead of me. Neither spoke to my creative initiatives. I went to sleep focused on how to make each more fruitful, but was awakened with the reminder – I am a creative. And ‘saw‘ another path before me. It’s not one I have to blaze, but one I’ll have to apply my creative touch. It was already paved. As if I’d been here before. It felt familiar yet new…

In the days to come my countdown to 50 will have a few changes. Nothing to drastic. Just more centered on being the creator of means.

After all I am a creative.

And in all things I leave you love.


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