Wow I remember this. It’s still as fresh and appropriate as if I penned it this very morning. Let me tell you. Each word spoke to me as if I’ve never stopped living in that moment, those moments…

To encourage yourself requires some self love, right? Some type of inward motivation to love up on your gifts and other worldly skills. There must be something within conjuring so you step forward on your talents, your Nia (purpose) even. It would seem from birth we were being told, then we were telling ourselves,and now our seeds to believe in yourself first. To love yourself first. Figure out who you’re not, so you can comfortably embark on discovering who you ARE. I mean, I remember early on the daily reminders to first conquer the enemy within – then no other enemy is formidable. Like wow, how could you not feel destined for greatness?

And quite frankly, there are people everyday that miss that message. That require that encouragement. Sometime they require that in your face, hold your hand, lift you up and over type of connection to FEEL invigorated. You know the people, if for no other fact then YOU were amongst that group. Yes! Own YOUR truth babe!

For those of us privileged enough to have grown up in the 60’s and 70’s, in a time where all we truly had was EACH OTHER & the phrase ‘it takes a village’ had weight – there was no other way to exist. At every turn there was a reminder, a hint, a notion – You Are Amazing. Let me tell ya – when I attended Rutger’s the group I was there on behalf of during the summer had the tag line ‘color me beautiful’ – like seriously? How could I not be moved and motivated? And yet I promise you – some were and still are unmoved & unmotivated. And I promise you that’s where YOU & I fill in the empty places and illuminate all the dilapidated spaces with HOPE, with ENCOURAGEMENT, with LOVE.

We’re better together people!

And in all things I leave you love



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