Flex your faith!

The challenge is but the fertilizer to the greatness pulsing just beneath the surface. It’s not there to break, but to build, and to lift. It’s here where panic turns to preparation. It’s here where indecision magnifies focus. Here, in the darkness it won’t be apparent what actions to take or what mountains to climb – I promise you out of that confusion determination resides. Your destination remains the same. It is by challenge we persevere to arrive.

Just because you have to dig deep don’t make it worthy of stopping or turning around, nor does it imply the destination is not your own. Trust – it’s your willingness settling in like the roots of the Wild Fig Tree because nothing solid is built on a weak foundation.

Flex your faith!

Take the challenge. See it through. Find your pace and stay the course. Breath babe! See yourself on already standing in victory – not because you see the path, but because you know you’re capable of blazing one.

You got this! You were born to do it! You’re built for this! No one is stronger! Flex your intellect! Flex your faith! Come on now! I’m rooting for ya! I’ll see you on the business side of victory babe!

And as always –  I leave you love

10 10


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