Gotta Pick One

Here’s the thing – either you want to win or you want to be in the game.

Ask yourself as you flow through your day – am I looking to win? Am I looking to capitalize on my skills, maximize my assets, and outpace perceived competition?

Or am I looking to stay in the game – just getting it done, keeping things in motion – essentially filling the seat? (here I go again about seat fillers :))

Like really – one would think winning is everything. Why start if you don’t want to win? The answer is quite simple – to check the box of completion. If the act has been executed and the basis of the mission accomplished – the box can be checked. There’s no requirement to be innovative, relevant, audacious…feel me?

I thought you would!

Today I challenge you to be courageous in your pursuits. I challenge to move the bar every time it’s within reach. To pull others along with because we never deserted the village we’ve just been staying in ‘a lane’.

Every instance of inhale and exhale we’re using some of those 18,400 seconds I can’t stop talking about. Every instance… each and every … inhale…exhale …

Welcome to the day WINNERS!

And in all things I leave you LOVE!


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