find solace where you can and hope when you can’t

the summation of our truths

are hinged on those words

universes taking shape based on those thoughts

there is peace where you search for it

it’s often hidden amongst the restless and




hope props us up when we fall

when we stumble its the railing

its the padding on the walls of our souls

hold on 

I’ll never let go

And in all things I leave you love


Gotta Pick One

Here’s the thing – either you want to win or you want to be in the game.

Ask yourself as you flow through your day – am I looking to win? Am I looking to capitalize on my skills, maximize my assets, and outpace perceived competition?

Or am I looking to stay in the game – just getting it done, keeping things in motion – essentially filling the seat? (here I go again about seat fillers :))

Like really – one would think winning is everything. Why start if you don’t want to win? The answer is quite simple – to check the box of completion. If the act has been executed and the basis of the mission accomplished – the box can be checked. There’s no requirement to be innovative, relevant, audacious…feel me?

I thought you would!

Today I challenge you to be courageous in your pursuits. I challenge to move the bar every time it’s within reach. To pull others along with because we never deserted the village we’ve just been staying in ‘a lane’.

Every instance of inhale and exhale we’re using some of those 18,400 seconds I can’t stop talking about. Every instance… each and every … inhale…exhale …

Welcome to the day WINNERS!

And in all things I leave you LOVE!

So Peep This

What a crazy few weeks. So much so I felt as if I was falling behind. Behind what I don’t know, but it was as if I was catching up every moment. It was indescribable, but managed. Much as I mange all things – emotions measured, very discretionary.

Well mostly discretionary. My son graduated High School the same week I started a new gig at the same time I’m needing to borrow a ride to the new gig. Yeah I know – candid camera “Cheese” *rolls eyes 🙂

I didn’t truly relate all of the happenings to ‘myself’ until today when something totally not related to anything caused me to be…emotional.  Well not so much emotional, but not measured. If you’ve ever done anything that required you to be even toned and exacting in order to get your message received (not heard, but received), then you know how odd this was. The situation had nothing to do with the fact I still need a car, I missed an opportunity to drop off my cards as requested (I’m also a financial educator), or that my house was a cluttered mess. Clutter causes my mind to feel cloudy darting from thing to thing in an attempt to resolve. Of course we know resolution requires focus – one thing at a time.  Even if those one things are simultaneous , they are still put into motion one at a time.

So I sat down to write. Almost instantly I began to feel more managed, more controlled, less frazzled… While the emotion is still underlying it’s re-purposed into these brief paragraphs setting me free.  The truth is while not having a car living in the burbs to truly connect with people to discuss what I’m been doing since the 90’s only differently now, I did have a productive impromptu meeting with a loan manager about having my flyer and or card available for members at the bank. I did receive insightful information about the ‘competition’. Although the meeting wasn’t planned I felt more confident in my conversation, in the connection, as well as the purpose of why I’m committed to making it work. Not to mention I didn’t get a no, but rather “let me do the research and maybe you can be the option”. Not to mention a family member just happens to be part of an organization that could use my knowledge and demeanor to speak to the benefits of being financially healthy. And this too was not planned.

Yes, often life happens in such a way you say to yourself – “Hey self, peep this…!” with all the dramatics and exasperation’s of a diva waiting for her nails to dry, your perspective on those events, situations, and conversations will alter the outcome.

Believe you ARE the change YOU’RE looking for!

In all things I leave you Love