Last night I attended my first Open Mic. While I didn’t speak it left me with so much to say. I was so moved not only by the words but by the nerve. There’s something surreal about the act of standing in front of people baring your soul, exposing your ‘places’, and bringing your truths to life.

It’s one thing to write of my truths. It still leaves my open however not truly on the forefront. I’m still behind the scenes creating the scenario, directing engagement, and eliciting emotion. Oh I can do that for days without hesitation. I could even apply that to business. I’ll talk to strangers about finding the right fit, the importance of investing, information based marketing – of yeah I got you covered! It’s crazy because it’s still me. I’m still the presenter. The spot light is still reflecting off my forehead, yet I got it. No worries. I evoke my model days engaging the crowd, making eye contact, getting animated to drive points home. Yes, I’m ALL over it.

Things change rapidly when it’s time to speak my truths from the pages of my works – talk about polar opposite.

I don’t truly know how to explain it. I do know I’m constantly looking for opportunities to challenge it. I thrive on those moments where I’ll have chance to speak the words my soul etched. I know that’s the final 101 life lesson. As I grow more comfortable with myself, my truths, there’s no greater gift to the universe than to pay it forward. Everyone lives with the details of their lives, the truths of their existence and what greater good than to step forward in solidarity saying “Hey, I’ve been there. Here are my truths.”


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