The Truth Is

I’m not looking for traditional love.

I don’t want any parts of all that day dreamy hot sex on a platter stuff. That’s the easy part. That can be coaxed out of your partner. You can find that anywhere. I’m sure you can pay someone to create the experience for you, if you fancy that. If you love yourself you can create love in others. Our natural instinct is to love, is to feel passionate about others, to yearn for body to body connections. Trust that’s OK. It can be everlasting. It’s a fruitful venture, for some. And others bear witness to toxic relationships where deception is at it’s foundation. The pretense of love and the intention of love is at the forefront. The give and take becomes take and taken.

Traditional love is more on emotion and feelings …

I’m looking for that nontraditional buy the block, support the youth, encourage human kindness but setting the example, pay it forward, uplifting others, residual & multiple income streams, investments for generations, clean eating mostly, best pizza seeking, fitness challenging, next lifetime, faith based, spiritual being type of love.

Everything else will come. All those other aspects of loyalty, devotion, compatibility, and soul stirring connectivity will be ever present.

As a compassionate being you can love anyone whether you love yourself or not. You just have to love the feel of loving. And I love that all encompassing best friend union of …….. building an empire.


And in All Things I Leave You Love


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