Bye Bye Birdie

Here’s the thing

Before you get up from the table, before you gather your things and yourself, before you turn on your heals to head to the door – there are several telling moments indicating you were no longer being served. There are always signs signaling your exit and for whatever reason you stay, in place, playing your position. You make the conscious decision to continue on the path unconsciously. Your passions become duties and responsibilities. Your interests become fleeting as the meaning of your presence is no longer apparent. Trust me you knew all along this day was forthcoming.

The truth – there’s nothing wrong with setting out on a new journey. There’s no harm in wanting to learn something new, to be great, and to ultimately experience the goodness in life. Just as there’s nothing disappointing about realizing those same experiences and journey’s have come to pass. You should encourage yourself to BE GREAT with every instance of exhale, inhale. And there’s no way to BE GREAT if you’re not pleased with your daily activities. Quite simplistically – if it becomes bitter not better, hateful not holistic, passive not passionate, then you’re no longer being served. Life is a partnership you engage purposely and if you find yourself in a place that no longer fills that need, then begin working on your exit strategy. Don’t wait until it becomes dreadful or begrudging. Recognize the signs. Accept when you’ve given the necessary for it to grow. Take action. It won’t be comfortable, but it will be comforting.

In all things I Leave You Love







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