The Comfort Zone

Here’s the thing – we all know what we’re good at. We know how easy we feel when engaging in things that fit us. It’s relaxing and inviting. It never feels work intensive or agonizing – it feels, good. There’s nothing wrong with the easy breezy feeling of the comfort zone, nothing at all. Well unless of course you’re looking to go to the next level. Unless of course you’re looking to elevate your game and flex your skills – the comfort zone is not very comforting.

The best way to describe it is imagine sitting in the same chair year after year. After several years you find you’re mad at the chair for supporting your weight. As if the chair could serve any other purpose. Each day presents us with the opportunity to stretch beyond our daily routine allowing us to tap what’s just beneath the surface.

Now if everything is copacetic in the comfort zone & you’re feeling fulfilled and life is moving in the direction you need – please stay. However if you’re beginning to feel a little claustrophobic; if your wings can’t spread outside of the zone for you to take flight; if you hear a voice beckoning for your presence on a new journey….then please get out the chair, it’s purpose has been served.

 In all things I Leave You Love


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