and just like that i thought i would feel some type of relief

some type of lifted weight

some type of solace

and just like that

i was cradling the floor

loud deep sobs

of grief

and despair

i felt drained

and empty

i felt void and voided

i loved my uncle

but not like normal love

but like God love

where despite what you know

you love anyway

without limits

minus bounds

you love because its the right thing to do

he was alone

and no one knew how long he had been there

alone and seemingly unloved on

we loved you none the less

we loved you whole

but you were broken hearted

she broke your heart not wanting to love you now

because of your role in her pass

i hope your passing was peaceful

and painless

i pray it was seamless as you transcended from this life to the next

i pray your next life will be filled with more love

so that you too

may know what love is

what it feels like

how it sounds

how it resonates

i pray that for you

And in All Things I Leave You Love

~ Kakiva L A



Trust the path you’re on
Might not be the one you’re meant to travel
Believe your path is meant for you
Accept your destination has more than one route
Only you know where you’re supposed to be
Only you can effectively and passionately direct your steps
And if only during your solitude you accept your truths
Have those moments often
As they will keep you whole
Keep you honest
Keeping you challenging yesterday’s self

And in All Things I Leave You Love

K. LaMoura A.

Everyone Lies

Even if the intention is to cause no harm.

Even if it was meant to spare feelings.

Even if the message would be misconstrued.

Even if the conversation is uncomfortable.

Even if it’s to avoid confrontation, confusion, or consequences.

Everyone Lies…

Whether the perception is skewed or crystalline.

Whether it causes the ill-tasting dish to get plated over 3 decades.

Whether it prompts good behavior to prevent socks of coal.

Whether the behavior is excused after the salt water has dried.

Everyone Lies…

Everyone has their reasons.

Everyone has their faults.

Everyone has treasured traditions.

Everyone is protecting something, someone…

No reason to allow cynicism to eat at your soul.

It’s all in an effort to keep one whole. 

Another realization to accept.

Another truth to own.

Everyone Lies, even by omission… 


And in all things I Leave You Love

K. LaMoura Alexander


One would like to believe there’s some type of comfort in death. In knowing the pain will no longer linger. Knowing tribulations have run its course. No longer wondering if what was done has been resolved or if what will be will ever blossom, ever take root. And while one would like to believe the depth of sorrow is with death, it’s actually in the life of those left behind. It begins with the realization of one’s living and breathing and engaging ‘selfness’. The constant acknowledgement of inhale-exhale is where solace ceases to exist.

Death should bring solace however. It should mark the end of a life well lived. A life deeply engaging. A time well established of humble beginnings and equally humbling endings. It should speak of uncomfortable truths and reconciled misconceptions. It is but in death one is set free of those wonderings and considerations.  It is in death decisions are no longer pertinent, no longer valid, and hold no weight. Even those left behind are those aspects of life worthy if simply for lack of focus… lack of wanting.

I bid you solace for your journey. May it make you courageous and endearing and inspiring and hold you from drowning in despair.

And In All Things I Leave You Love



See that
That right there
Everyday that motivates me
That encourages me
To be grateful
To feel full
To live a life more pleasing to Him
This proof of life
This glimpse of grace
This simple reminder
That I’ve been given another opportunity
To share joy
To speak life
To encourage
To walk in faith unseen
And exhibit faith unmatched
This right here
Speaks to my heart
A simple glorious reminder
God IS
May peace be with you
Kakiva Alexander


See Far

Take a moment to look ahead with me but for a few moments. It’ll require but a handful of those 18,400 seconds afforded to us everyday.

So we’re walking down a path right. On our way. We get real good at navigating the road, the weather, the instances of happenstance and such. We get so well at doing what we’ve been doing we reside this is what’s meant for us. We settle into such a grove we believe this is how we flow.

Allow me to assure you every course you embark on is not part of your destination. It’s the method you’ve become accustom to using, but no longer feels natural. There are still moments of discontent. Free yourself. Allow yourself. Bet on you.

There’s nothing more empowering then being uncomfortable with your true self as you elevate to the next level – vibrate higher. Look at it differently. Change your view. Adjust your position. Own your truth. Don’t keep looking back.

And in all things I Leave You Love