Just Like I Never Left

Over the last several months I've been battling depression. Every few steps forward another situation would arise rattling my core yanking me away from how I am. The last situation learned me well. Everyone you riding for isn't riding for you even when they're rocking right beside you. I also got the bitter sweet taste [...]



In essence you're a vibration. And it's my hope you vibrate at such a glass shattering pitch it rains microscopic crystals. Not so anyone can hear your approach, are well aware YOU have ARRIVED. While it's great to share your vision with those that support and challenge you to better than yesterday's self, you don't [...]

PSA If you don't have more than one avenue to get where you need to be, you'll never arrive. Know that arriving and getting there are different thoughts. And not having the willingness to adjust your direction is a set up to struggle unnecessarily. Looking back I'm always hitting you with 'willingness'. It's never ending. [...]


ADJECTIVE done on purpose; deliberate. "intentional wrongdoing and harm" synonyms: deliberate · calculated · conscious · done on purpose · intended · planned · meant · considered · studied · knowing · willful · wanton · purposeful Make it a point everyday to move more intentional about your life. The people you interact with. The [...]


and just like that i thought i would feel some type of relief some type of lifted weight some type of solace and just like that i was cradling the floor loud deep sobs of grief and despair i felt drained and empty i felt void and voided i loved my uncle but not like [...]


Trust the path you're onMight not be the one you're meant to travelBelieve your path is meant for youAccept your destination has more than one routeRedirectAdjustRejuvenateMoveOnly you know where you're supposed to beOnly you can effectively and passionately direct your stepsAnd if only during your solitude you accept your truthsHave those moments oftenAs they will [...]

Everyone Lies

Even if the intention is to cause no harm.Even if it was meant to spare feelings.Even if the message would be misconstrued.Even if the conversation is uncomfortable.Even if it's to avoid confrontation, confusion, or consequences.Everyone Lies...Whether the perception is skewed or crystalline.Whether it causes the ill-tasting dish to get plated over 3 decades.Whether it prompts [...]


One would like to believe there’s some type of comfort in death. In knowing the pain will no longer linger. Knowing tribulations have run its course. No longer wondering if what was done has been resolved or if what will be will ever blossom, ever take root. And while one would like to believe the [...]


See that That right there Everyday that motivates me That encourages me To be grateful To feel full To live a life more pleasing to Him This proof of life This glimpse of grace This simple reminder That I’ve been given another opportunity To share joy To speak life To encourage To walk in faith [...]

See Far

Take a moment to look ahead with me but for a few moments. It’ll require but a handful of those 18,400 seconds afforded to us everyday. So we’re walking down a path right. On our way. We get real good at navigating the road, the weather, the instances of happenstance and such. We get so [...]